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Cheap And Best USB Drives You Can Use To Save Data

Cheap And Best USB Drives You Can Use To Save Data

A USB flash drive is a lightweight, portable storage device that uses flash memory. It can be used in place of a compact disc and is a removable drive. Just easily plugin and play. A USB flash drive can easily store important files and data backup.

Cheap And Best USB Drives You Can Use To Save Data
Cheap And Best USB Drives You Can Use To Save Data

Similarly, when the device is unplugged from a PC, it can retain data for an extended period without losing anything in it. The flash drives have different storage capacity. So, the tiny USB stick makes it possible to carry everything you need. 

Some of the main prominent features of the USB flash drive are:

Compact and portable 

The USB always has lightweight and is portable to be easily carried away in the pocket. Also, its compact and easy-to-use design makes it convenient to use anywhere. The drive’s smooth fitting design reduces the risk of data removal, accidental bumps, or any mishaps.

Fast and Convenient

The flash drives save your time and add extra storage to your device. So, the USB can fast data transferring speed. 

Extra storage capacity

The drive must have extra storage capacity to save all photos, videos, personal files and important work documents without fear of a temporary storage problem. 

Safe and secure

Another essential feature is that a USB is a trustworthy drive to store your valuable data from any loss. The drive is also waterproof, shockproof, temperature proof, x-ray proof and magnet proof


The USB flash storage device is compatible with USB 1.2, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The USB 3.1 and 3.2 com introduce super-fast speed transfer speed.


1. SanDisk Ultra 32 GB USB

The SanDisk 32 GB is the ultra-USB 3.0 flash drive that transfers all digital files with speeds up to 80MB/sec. It keeps private your private files with SanDisk secure access software. Due to this feature, it provides 128-bit file encryption.

Also, it provides password protection for private files while leaving the rest of the drive available for sharing. This USB drive makes it easy to transfer files from one device to another device, like a phone to a computer or computer to phone, etc. 


The SanDisk USB comes with 2.24 x 0.43 x 0.84 inches dimension and 0.32 ounces weight. So it is easy to carry the SanDisk 3.0 USB from one place to other.


It has fast performance speeds that are up to 80MB per second. The SanDisk 32 GB sleek metal casing is tough enough to handle knocks with style.


The SanDisk ultra 32 GB USB drive moves your files fast. So enjoy its high speed and spend less time waiting to transfer files.    

Stylish and tough

The SanDisk 3.0 flash drive comes with a durable metal case. This fantastic drive has a sleek and stylish design. Also, it is always ready to handle unexpected knocks due to excellent built-in material. 


It offers a password protection feature. So you can easily share movies, videos, or music but rest assured that private files can stay private.

Warranty and compatibility

This USB drive is backed by a 5-year warranty. The SanDisk 32 GB USB drive is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets featuring OTG USB support.

Dual micro-USB

The SanDisk USB drive offers both the micro-USB and USB 3.0 connectors. This connector is high-performance, and it also has backwards-compatible with USB 2.0 ports.


This USB drive is offering up to 32GB of storage. It gives you more than enough capacity for large digital content like photos, music, video, etc.  

Hence, the SanDisk 32GB is one of the best USB drives that has so many unique features, which makes it the best choice for you. It has an attractive and stylish design with high-speed performance.

2. Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus 

Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT is the best flash drive for quickly transfer files and make your life stress free. Just plug in your Samsung fit plus without any difficulty and expand the storage of your device. Also, it is specially designed with key ring protection to stop any loss. It offers quick and convenient read speeds up to 300MB/s* that can stop wasting the user’s time. 


This drive is available in gunmetal grey colour. It has a weight of 0.16 ounces and dimensions are 0.9 x 0.7 x 0.3 inches. 

Extra Storage capacity

The Samsung drive gives 256GB extra storage. Therefore, user can save their photos, videos, personal files and important work documents without fear of short storage problem. Its smooth fitting design reduces the risk of data removal, accidental bumps or any misshapes.

Fast and Convenient

It also saves time and adds extra storage to the device due to its fast and convenient read up to speed up to 300 MB/s*. Just in 10 seconds, the user can send a 3GB 4K UHD video to his PC. The fast read up speed ensures fast data transferring speed. With the latest USB 3.1 standard to provide sharing data that never slows you down.

Easy Plugin

USB 3.1 Flash Drive FIT Plus compact design plugs in quickly and also expands the device storage. It provides extra storage to tablet, laptop, TV, Car audio systems, gaming console and many more.

Safe and secure

This smart gadget is providing safe and secure storage to the devices. So, Samsung is a trustworthy drive to store your valuable data from any loss. The drive is waterproof, shockproof, temperature proof, x-ray proof and magnet proof.

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3. SanDisk 512GB ultra USB 3.0 

The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 is another USB drive. It has a large storage capacity capable of holding various files, including movies, videos, documents, music, and more. This latest USB drive has so many features and functions that make it most suitable for those who want the best USB drive with the newest design.  


The dimension of SanDisk USB 3.0 are 2.2 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches. While it has 0.705 ounces weight, that makes it portable for you. So you can easily carry this amazing device anywhere due to its lightweight.

Quick and faster transfer speeds

It transfers speeds of up to 100MB per second. Also reduces the time you will spend waiting for files to move from the flash drive to your computer or any other device. So user can transfer, store, and share large files that are up to 4 times faster than USB 2.0 drives.


The SanDisk 3.0 has 512GB storage that can hold all of your favorite media. Also, it can keep all important documents, including MP3s, video, high-resolution photos, movies, presentations, and more. 

Stylish design

It has a stylish design and many other features that make it compact and portable for you. So you can easily travel with it, and also you can keep it in your pocket or handbag.


It also offers SanDisk secure Access software that password-protection feature. Due to this software, your files will be secured with 128-bit AES encryption. It keeps your files private even when sharing the drive with others.

Therefore, all these amazing features make it an incredible and unique drive that helps you a lot in your daily life. It also has excellent performance, high-speed, large capacity, and transferability is 10 times faster than the standard USB 2.0 drives. So it is the incredible and awesome drive that makes your life easier and better.

4. Patriot 512GB USB

The Patriot 512 GB USB drive is the super choice for everyday use that requires both ultra-fast transfer speed and large capacity of the file saving. The USB flash 3.0 allows accessing files quickly and immediately to save ample time.

The retractable design with rubber-coated housing protects it from any harm. The user-friendly extra storage 512GB USB easily plugs in and play feature is designed to secure the USB connector. USB drive protects the data with a backend by three years’ warranty.


This USB has a weight of 0.317 ounces. Also, its dimension are 0.39 x 2.09 x 0.83 inches. It is much easy to be carried anywhere. 

Extra Storage capacity

It gives an extra 512GB of storage. Now user can save his all photos, videos, personal files and important work documents. The Supersonic Rage Elite 3.2 gen 1- 1TB flash drive speeds are slightly lighter than others.

Fast and Convenient

The flash drives save your time and add extra storage to your device due to their fast and convenient read up to speed up to 400 MB/s and write speed up to 300MB/s. The quick read and write up speed ensure fast data transfer. 

Compact design

The compact, lightweight and portable design make it possible to take it anywhere in a pocket or purse. The durable slide of USB assures easily plug in and out without any worry. Its rubber coating housing protects from drops or accidental damage.


The Patriot drive is compatible with USB 1.2, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. It is also compatible with the legacy and current version of window Mac OS9, Linux 2.4, OSX and others.

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5. PNY 64GB turbo Attaché 3 USB

Another latest USB drive is the PNY 64GB turbo attaché 3.0 USB. It is one of the best USB drives with premium performance and high transfer speed. This modern device has so many interesting and amazing features that make it helpful and useful for users.


The PNY 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive comes with 5.28 x 3.91 x 0.45 inches. It has 0.32 ounces weight so it is also a lightweight device. Its light-weight makes it portable and easy to carry.

Excellent performance

It offers excellent performance with reading speeds up to 115MB/s. This also allows you to store and transfer large files. So you spend more time watching videos, movies, and less time transferring them between your all devices.


The PNY 64GB 3 USB is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Also with other devices like tablets, TVs, car stereos, and more. This device is designed with convenience and portability in mind.


It has a high transfer speed. This drives feature transfer speeds 10x faster than standard USB 2.0. The PNY offers a solution for everyone so no worries about transfer speed. With this amazing device, you can easily transfer large files within a short time.

Large storage

The PNY USB drive offers 64GB of storage. So you can store and share a large amount of data in it. You can store high-resolution photos, videos, movies, music, and documents.

Furthermore, the PNY 64GB USB drive is one of the latest and best drives with amazing features. It has a 64GB capacity, capless design, wide compatibility, and fast transfer speed. Moreover, it has light-weight so you can easily use it anywhere and its stylish design enhances its beauty. These all are so main features of the PNY 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive that makes it a perfect choice for you.


To sum up, The Pro Gadgets have reviewed in detail the latest extended storage USB flash drives for laptops or PCs so that users could save their data with them and can also carry that anywhere. There is a complete guide for the buyers about the specifications, resolutions, design, and other essential features of different top-rated flash drives.

Find out the complete details about any product. After reading the reviews, you can also check out the product’s specifications and pricing from the link provided above for each product. Hope this post would be helpful to you in purchasing.

Furthermore, stay tuned with the latest top featured gadgets in our other posts in the future. Stay happy with the gadgets!

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