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Latest Smart Door Lock Gadgets For Your Sweet Home

Smart Door Lock Gadgets

The smart door lock is an important part of the home. It not only lets you go anywhere tension-free but also monitors and guards your home by keeping you aware of everything through Alexa. So, smart door locks are quite beneficial in getting rid of a bunch of keys or going anywhere without locking your home properly. As it has a feature of automatically lock or unlock the doors. 

Smart Door Lock Gadgets
Smart Door Lock Gadgets

However, the Pro Gadgets have enlisted the top locks for doors that can be operated remotely and are easy to install. So, before buying any you must consider the following features. 

  • Alexa Supported: Most importantly, the lock must work with Alexa. This also helps the users to have two-way communication with their family members. 
  • Remote Access: A user must have a lock which he could open remotely being anywhere. 
  • Battery: The battery is an important feature that most people look for. So, all the mentioned locks have a battery life of up to 5 months maximally with a single charge. 

1. WYZE Lock

WYZE Lock is the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled smart door lock that has come up with many premium and advanced features. It allows the keyless entry of the people of home. However, it serves as a special security system for outsiders. It is available in silver and white colors. 

Unlocks Door For Anywhere

This is a special door lock that is compatible with smartphones. So, upon installing the Wyze app you can lock or unlock your doors from anywhere. Also, you can change passwords or settings using your phone but that would require a Wi-Fi connection. So, the way people can never worry about the bunch of keys. 

Multi-User and Control

Wyze lock frees its users from the worry of keys as a single or two keys can’t be shared with all the family members and makes one anxious. Therefore, Wyze cam enables the people with easy sharing of the lock password with their home members, friends, guests, pets, etc. Moreover, it has great features to get know that who has accessed your home. Watch the history of locks, unlocks from anywhere through the Wyze app. 

Built-in Gyroscope

This smart lock is equipped with a built-in gyroscope that not only tells the status of the lock but also tells about the condition of the door – opened or closes. Therefore, you can now know the main position of the door without using other sensors. 

Compatibility and Works with Alexa

This gadget has great compatibility with smartphones i.e., iPhones and Androids. So, by installing the Wyze app, a person can have a two-way talk with his house members because of Alexa enable devices – mics and speakers. Hence, it works great with Alexa. 

Battery and Protection

It is equipped with 4xAA batteries that are included in the box. Also, on a single charge, the battery life can last up to 5 to 6 months easily depending on the use. It also involves a two-way authentication system that enhances its protection so that no outsider can get involved in settings on the door. 

Auto-Lock or Unlock

Wyze recognizes its users and when they reach home, it automatically unlocks the door for them. Similarly, it locks the door automatically when you get out of the home. Moreover, the package box will include a Wyze lock, lock gateway, AA batteries, mounting plate, adhesive strip, adapter, and quick start guide. 

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2. Yale LiftMaster Smart Lock with Touchscreen 

Yale LiftMaster Smart Lock with Touchscreen Deadbolt is a Wi-Fi supported touchscreen smart lock. So the built-in Wi-Fi features allow the users to lock or unlock the doors from anywhere. It is quite easy to install with a screwdriver and is also easy to operate. It has many built-in advanced features. However, this smart home door lock is available in multi-colors i.e., aged bronze, bright chrome, satin nickel, and matte black.


This is a smart Wi-Fi-operated lock that has a touch screen. Also, below the touchscreen keypad, there lies a lock for keys. Therefore, you can open it by putting in a password or just by keys. The dimensions of this gadget are 0.89 x 3 x 5 inches with a net weight of 3 pounds. 

Remote and Keyless Entry through Schlage App

Schlage encodes home lock has wide compatibility with iOS and Androids smartphones. So, what you have to do for remote access is to install the Schlage app on your phone. Through that app, you can remotely get in the house or can also let other people come to your house. So, you can lock or unlock the doors remotely by connecting to your home Wi-fi. 

Alexa and Advanced Security

This device also works with Alexa. Thus, Alexa will let you know about the charging status, home comers, and outsiders. Also, you can have a two-way chat with your home members through Alexa-enabled devices. Moreover, it is equipped with built-in alarm technology that will sense the door attacks and will immediately report to the user via Alexa or Schlage app. Along with Alexa, it also works with Google Assistant.


This smart lock includes the double AA batteries that are also included in the box. With a single charge, the battery of this lock can last up to 3 to 4 months depending on the usage. Furthermore, the box will include a Schlage lock, lock gateway, AA batteries, mounting plate, adhesive strip, adapter, and quick start guide. It has a 3-years of electronic warranty. 

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3. August Smart Lock 

August Smart Lock Pro is the lock of the 3rd generation with many amazing and advanced features. It is made f metal material and is powder-coated. Also, it has wide compatibility with mobile phones and Wi-Fi. It is available in silver and dark grey color’s. 


This 3rd generation smart door lock is made of metal material. Also, it has dimensions of ‎3.4 x 2.22 x 3.4 inches with a weight of 13.9 ounces. It is in circle form. It is a smart gadget that can be controlled from anywhere and guards your home 24/7. 

Alexa Supported

Likewise, it also works with Alexa and its enabled devices. So, a person can have two-way communication with his family, friends, pet, or any outsiders. But there is one condition that your device must be connected to the Wifi 2.4Hz or above. Connect WiFi bridge app is also included for connections. Alexa also pushes notifications to the users about the battery details and also sets alarms regarding security. 

Easy to Install and Use

This smart lock for door is quite understandable and is very easy to install or mount on the door with the screwdriver and strips. The person can use this lock regardless of any door lock just by password or remote access through the app. Also, it can easily be installed on your existing lock. For that, what it just requires is 10 to 240 volts of power. 

Compatibility and August App

All the smartphones – Androids and iPhones have wide compatibility with this August lock. So, you can customize or control the lock settings through your phone. For that, what you just need is the August lock app on your phone. Through that app, you can also let access family members or friends remotely from anywhere.

Door Sense

This extremely advanced gadget has the only feature of door sense that will help the users to get know that whether their doors are securely locked or unlocked. Also, it has a holding force of just 600 pounds. If the door is not locked security, will pushes alarms or notifications to the app. 

Biometric Verification

This lock also ensures high protection of itself. Thus, it requires Biometric verification through fingerprint or facial recognition. Also, there is a security verification whenever the person tries to access the door remotely. However, it recognizes its users and automatically locks and unlocks the door when they reach near to that. 

Lock the Door with Your Voice

Furthermore, it also has advanced features that let the users lock the doors just by speaking with their own voices. As, it has great compatibility with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. So, you can tell them to control your Agust smart lock pro with just your voice. Likewise, it also works with certified Z wave that is leading security wireless technology. 


It requires 4 AA batteries for its work. So, it has rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Upon the one-time charging, this locks’ battery lasts up to 2 to 3 months without any worry of charging again and again. Also, it has a warranty of one year. The box will include an August smart lock pro, connect Wi-Fi bridge, DoorSense sensor, 4 AA lithium-ion batteries, lock Adapter, and mounting hardware.


To sum up, The Pro Gadgets always present the latest technology with the complete buyer’s guide. So, in this post, above are the most demanded and top-featured smart door lock lists which you will definitely love to buy. However, for the prices and further instructions, you can visit the official website of Amazon. 

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Stay tuned with the Pro Gadgets for further futuristic technologies. Happy shopping!

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