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These Fitness Tracker Plus Watch Will Change your Life Style

Fitness Tracker Plus Watch

Everyone strives for discipline in his life by making good habits and having a healthy lifestyle. So, The Pro Gadgets recommends the top-featured and mostly ranked fitness tracker for you so that you could after your health on your wrist. The top characteristics that you would definitely look into the best fitness watch will be:

Fitness Tracker Plus Watch
Fitness Tracker Plus Watch
  • Lightweight: All these recommended fitness bands are quite light and comfortable to wear. 
  • Waterproof: Also, these bands are IPX6 waterproof that enables the users to do heavy workouts and sweaty exercises. 
  • Battery: the battery of each one lasts up to 10 days maximally with a single charge. 
  • Compatibility: Moreover, a user will want a watch that must be able to connect with your phone. So, all these have wide compatibility with Androids and iPhones. 

1. Amazfit X 

Here comes the best fitness tracker that supports all health features and ensures to examine the health every day. The glass of its screen is a 3D technology. It is also an updated design with many advanced features. Also, it is quite lightweight – 11.36 ounces – which is very comfortable to wear. 


This fitness tracker has a beautiful and elegant design with a very sharp and bright display. Its body is made of titanium that’s quite smooth and plain in texture and gives it is crescent-shaped. The dimensions of this gadget are 5.87 x 5.08 x 3.11 inches. It has a complete touch screen without any physical buttons around the body. It’s available in moon gold and eclipse black colours.


It has a large AMOLED display about 2.7 inches extra-wide. Its 3D curved screen fits quite comfortably onto your wrist. Also, the display has ultra-brightness and colour saturation features with a huge resolution of 326 PPI. Therefore, it enables the users to watch the time easily in the sunlight or any kind of lighting. It also supports UI that is also responsible for the optimal balance of the display. 

Best Fitness Tracker

This Amazfit brand watch is equipped with a Huami Biotracker 2 optical sensor that enables it to monitor your heart 24/7. So, it evaluates heartbeat rates perfectly. Also, it measures the SpO2 levels to keep you aware of your health conditions. 

PAI and Sleep Tracker 

Similarly, it tracks your sleep, stress, and other activities. It tracks your data through all stages of night sleep – light, deep, or REM. A user can so watch his health and sleep record anytime in a day. Moreover, it is equipped with Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) that processes all your heart’s data during sleep, exercise, or other activities. 

Sport Modes and Customizable Features

Furthermore, it supports 9 built-in sport modes. So, as you start any sport, this feature will let this watch automatically recognize the type of sport and will record that. Also, there will be no need to start any button, it will work automatically. Likewise, a user can customize the faces of the AmazFit X by matching the outfits and styles. 

Waterproof Watch

It is resistant to water and thus works best in rain, during swimming, or sweats. So, it is a 5ATM waterproof smartwatch and fitness tracker. Its water resistance capacity is up to 50 meters. So, a user can swim in the pool or a beach without any worry of getting it spoiled. 

Works As A Personal Assistant

Stepping towards more advanced features, it is concluded that this smartwatch acts as a personal assistant for the users that proficiently handles your various agendas. It has wide compatibility with smartphones – including Androids and iPhones. Therefore, you can receive or make calls or reply to text messages.

Also, it reminds you about certain health activities and exercises automatically once you set the reminders. It supports do not disturb mode, has an alarm system, and weather forecast functions. So, it will help you with tracking the schedule or upcoming occasions. 


It supports a Li-ion battery. So, by a single charge, the battery life can last up to 7 days – a week without any worry. Therefore, a user can do any activity and can enjoy his health tracks and all active features for almost seven days.

2. Aipower Smart Watch 

Aipower smartwatch is a 2 in 1 designed watch that has come up with wireless earbuds. So, it is a dual functioning watch through which you can see time, health status, as well as use the earbuds. So, it also has many advanced features and is available in the black colour only. However, the top most features of the Aipower smartwatch are below.

Design and Display

This smartwatch has a revolutionary 2 in 1 design where you can charge your earbuds with the same watch. The 1.2 inches TFT display of the watch is of high definition that shows the time as well as work as a fitness tracker. Similarly, on the side of the fitness band, there comes two small charging compartments that fix wireless earbuds into them and charge wire freely. Therefore, you can enjoy two things in one pack. 

The band is made of silicone material that makes it easy and comfortable to wear this fitness health tracker all day long. Also, it weighs only about 2.3 oz which is merely nothing. Likewise, the dimensions of this product are 5.39 x 3.03 x 5.43 inches.

Premium Sound Quality and Health Supervisor

The earphones are equipped with aptX that results in plain streaming and impressive sound by cancelling the noisy effects. Moreover, it has advanced motion sensors along with the perfect heart rate monitor that supervises the health of the users and keeps them updated. 

So, the sensor can count on the distance covered, calories burnt, workouts, or any daily activity. Also, it has a lot of other sensors and trackers – including a sleep monitor, blood pressure sensor, skin temperature, and sedentary alerts. 


This smartwatch with earbuds has wide compatibility with smartphones. Therefore, it can be connected by Androids and iPhones. Also, for its working on the phone, it requires an app known to be an Airpower app. Moreover, the earbuds are also compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. Also, it has 4 sports modes that it detects automatically.

Users can thus easily treat it like a phone by making or accepting calls, setting alarms or reminders, looking for weather updates, etc. Above all, you would be able to get every notification. Similarly, regarding earbuds, there is also an integrated touch control function. So, you can press that to adjust volume, playing tracks, accepting or making calls, etc. 

Waterproof and Battery

Furthermore, this gadget set is IPX6 waterproof and can be used both indoors or outdoors. Also, you can use this fitness band or earbuds while swimming as they are 5ATM water-resistant under 60 meters. Moreover, it is equipped with one rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 10 days with a single charge. So, you can recharge the band and thus the earbuds will be charged directly through charging compartments on the side of the watch body. 

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3. Fitbit inspire 2 

The Fitbit Inspire 2 also belongs to the to-branded Fitbit family that also falls into the category of premium watches. It is also equipped with many advanced features along with each material. Thus, it has a quite elegant and unique design also with high-quality display features. It also supports many health fitness features. So, have a happy lifestyle with it. 


This smartwatch with health features is available in three colours – black, white, and rose gold all having black dial. The dimensions of this gadget are 1.47 x 0.66 x 0.51 inches along with 1.06 ounces weight with silicone material. Thus, it is quite light and comfortable to wear all time. Likewise, it has a stainless material that is also resistant to water. 


The display of the Fitbit inspire 2 fitness tracker is 1.4 inches OLED with a high resolution. The faces of this watch are customizable. So, the users can change the clock face with different themes. Also, other health readings including heart rate, breathing, blood pressure level, etc. are also visible on the display. 

Fitness Tracker And Sport Modes

This fitness band updates its users with their heart rate, beats, and conditions 24/7. Similarly, it also displays active zone minutes, sleep tracking in all sleep stages, calories burned, breathing, SpO2, menstrual health track, stress level, and much more. Likewise, it supports 20 goal-based sports. Therefore, whenever you start any sport of them, it will automatically start recording the readings. Thus, it tracks the activities all day. 


If you are out from a walk, exercise, or meeting, this smartwatch will help you to connect through Fitbit app to your phone. Therefore, it has great compatibility with Androids and iPhones. No matters where you have left your phone, you still can receive or make calls, do messages, get notifications, or everything phone-like. 

Swim proof and Battery

This device is IPX6 waterproof. So, the users can swim, bathe, or can dive in a pool or beach up to 164 feet underwater. Similarly, it is equipped with a Li-ion rechargeable battery that can last up to 10 days with a single charge. Also, it allows a one-year free premium trial for new users. Enjoy your health and fitness with Fitbit. 


To sum up, all the premium fitness trackers and bands are mentioned above with a complete review of their specifications. For prices and other deals and packages visit the official website of Amazon. Stay tuned with The Pro Gadgets for the latest gadgets and fitness watches. Happy lifestyle with updated technology and gadgets.

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