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Save Your Money With Electronic Piggy Bank

Electronic Piggy Bank

Keeping your money safe has become your greatest concern. Also, kids do like to keep collecting their pocket money or their savings in the treasure box, so an electronic piggy bank can become the right choice for you. Likewise, it works digitally and does not need any strict safety measures. 

Electronic Piggy Bank
Electronic Piggy Bank

Some of the main characteristics of the electron piggy bank for money savage are:

Easy to Use 

This small electronic gadget is stylish but has simple and easy to use functions. It can help the users for their financial independence. Thus, to keep your money or savings secure other than banks is now possible with this electronic money bank. 

Design and Appearance

Most importantly, this gadget is made purely of premium, durable, long-lasting, and high qualitative ABS material. It can be the best gift for the children or kids. The dimensions of this attractive gadget for kids are 7.4×5.11×4.72 inches. 

Also, it only weighs about 660 grams, which is quite easy to take anywhere. Thus, it is portable. It is a box-like bank with a notepad on the right and a rotator on the left. It thus has amazing functions. It is available in black red colour. 

Great storage and Functionalities

Another great feature of this billing machine is that it has high money authentication functions that let the children or the user know if their bills are real or not. It can accommodate a large number of notes or money. 

So, it has great storage that can store up to 100 money notes or 600 coins. Furthermore, upon cash inlet, it automatically absorbs the money like an ATM. 

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Strong Password Protection With Electronic Piggy Bank

Moreover, it has strong security functions that can keep the money secure completely. Basically, its default password is 0000 which you can change as per your will to the other four digits. But if you forgot the password and will try to put the wrong one it could cause any issue certainly. 

However, if you couldn’t remember your previous password, take out the battery and keep it shut off for five minutes. After that, put that back; the password will be restored to 0000. You can then change that again. 

Built-In Music System

This digital and electronic piggy bank has an upgraded music system. And whenever, you will enrol more money, it will be louder in its music. The more money it will take, the louder it will be. Thus, it supports a built-in children’s song system. You can play up to 11 songs. 


It supports 3 AAA batteries that are not included in the bank package. Also, the battery is rechargeable that a kid or user can charge anytime upon low battery notification or reminder. However, its box includes one piggy bank, screwdriverx1 user manual, gift wrap, 3 months fee return option. Upon any question contact immediately freely within the next 24 hours of purchase. 

Method to Use

Though this digital machine is quite easy to use, however; its usage method is as below:

  1. As it has two lights – red and green. Upon entering the right four digits password you could access his gadget having a green light. Also, upon entering the wrong password, a red light will illuminate that could be problematic. 
  2. Once the correct password is typed, a user or a kid should rotate the wallet wall clockwise. Now, you would easily open the door for taking out or putting in your money manually. The green light will play its role in the complete process and will let you monitor the beep sound. 
  3. In a closed mouth way, you can also withdraw or put in your money easily. 
  4. Likewise, in case of forgetting your wallet password, reinstall the battery after five minutes. This would help you to recover or set your password again. 


To sum up, Electronic Piggy Bank is the most powerful and stylish ATM for kids with high authentication and password protection. It can intake coins up to 600, notes or any bills up to 100 in numbers. So, it works automatically. What a user has to do is to put in a password. Also, it has both voice and beep sound opening options that also guarantees money protection and security. 

For more details about the information visit the official page on Amazon. Also, for further futuristic gadgets and technological equipment, visit The Pro Gadgets daily. Thank you for your interest. 

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