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Best Motion Activated Spy Cameras in 2021

Motion Activated Camera

In today’s modern world, people care very consciously about their securities and the security of their houses, family, babies, and pets. Thus, modern technology has invented and discovered many stress-releasing gadgets via which a person can fight with all his fears. So, in this blog, we are presenting the best motion activated spy cameras for you.

Motion Activated Camera
Motion Activated Spy Camera

Therefore, this gadget article will share and tell you about the latest hidden and motion-activated spy cameras for security purposes. Some of the features of motion detection cameras are:

  1. The motion surveillance cameras have 1080 plus pixels resolution with the feature of night vision recording at a distance.
  2. The batteries of motion detection can last between 2 weeks to a year even in their standby modes.
  3. Also, these modern technologies are Alexa supported and have Google Assistant as well.
  4. Similarly, they are IP65 waterproof indoor and outdoor cameras.
  5. Above all, these cams have free cloud storage with an extra SD card slot.

Some of the recommendations for the best motion detection and surveillance hidden spy cameras are:

Blink mini is one of the compact and light indoor motion-activated spy cameras that has many remarkable features and uses. It has lightweight of 1.7 ounces with the dimensions of 2*1.9*1.4 inches. It supports two-way audio chat and can capture HD recordings of 1080 pixels.

Alexa and Night Vision

It allows audio chat in two-way from mobile phone to camera. When it detects any activity in a selected ranging area, it pushes notifications to the user. These spy cameras have a 110-degree view field. Thus, the Mini camera has advance featured Night vision. This motion camera automatically turned into infrared LED lights, which capable the camera of seeing at night time.

Alexa Supported

This motion surveillance camera is supported with Alexa enable devices like mics and speakers. Thus, a user can have a two-way chat and listen to the camera footage’s voices. The recorded video footage resolution is 1080p, and this video is captured at 30fps smooth frame rate.

Design and Body 

Blink Mini is an Indoor plugin HD smart security camera. This mini security cam records video in1080p resolution with a cube design, light-weight with black and white colour plastic body. Its tiny size makes it easy to put anywhere. The camera is controlled through the arm and disarm buttons on the home screen.

Battery life 

This wireless motion camera is famous for its battery that can last for two years on a single charge. The blink is powered by two AA Lithium batteries. The expected battery life is two years based on 5, 882seconds of Live view 43, 200 seconds of motion-activated recording, and 4, 788-second Live view with two-way talk. The battery is also replaced with a new one easily.

Compatibility and Storage

This motion detection gadget is compatible with all types of smartphones like androids and iPhones. Similarly, it offers a free storage trail to its users. Another option of storage is a USB drive. A user can use and see the recordings no matters where he is.

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2. Wyze cam

Another best motion-activated spy cameras include Wyze Cam that also has very outstanding features and different versions. The camera includes motion tracking, infrared night vision,1080p HD video, two-way audio, and much more. The Wyze Cam is can be the best choice of yours as an indoor camera.


The hidden spy security camera includes a three-axis design, which allows it to point in any direction, adhesive tape, and a metal plate with a magnetic camera to mount it anywhere. It is easily fit anywhere without screws.


The Wyze camera gives 1080p video quality full HD, 110º wide-angle lens 1/2.9″ CMOS sensor, 2.8mm focal length. Also, all these features provide the best video quality. All footage and images are crystal clear. Similarly, this motion detector cam can save alert videos for up to 14 days for free.

Audio quality

One of the best features of the Wyze spy camera is sound recognition and sound tagging. The two-way audio system allows users to call out family members through the Wyze app speakers and microphone. Users receive an alert when this camera detects any motion or sound.


This motion sensor camera is equipped with 2 A lithium-ion batteries. Also, the battery can last up to 3 to 6 months with normal usage. It charges over micro-USB and has a rechargeable battery. The camera continuously records for about 10 hours to a microSD card.

Alexa and Google Assistant

Wyze wireless motion camera screen can be control through Alexa or Google assistant. The user gives the order to Alexa. It makes the use of the camera easy even the user is outside the home. Thus, this cam is compatible with androids and iPhones. Whenever it detects any unusual changes, it pushes vibration alerts via the Wyze app.

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3. Y1 security home camera

The Y1 security camera is another wireless spy hidden cam that is used for security purposes. It has many remarkable features as it serves as the actual security guard to the users. Above all, it captures HD quality videos of 1080 pixels.


Y1 camera is like for its simple design without compromising on the quality. Its design is like a dome, and the color is black. The security camera rotates in three-axis, which is one of the best qualities of the y1 camera. The camera has two microphones for symmetric appeal. It is compact and light with a weight of only 135g.

Video and Audio quality

This camera records video in1080p HD, which enhanced image quality, can be zoomed up to 4 times, and see the minute detail. It is featured with a 112° wide-angle, which is a professional-grade lens, and its rotation range is bidirectional that can capture the objects in the night times in all its HD features.

Vide Angle and Alexa

The recorded footage is high definition with no blind spots. The camera vertical rotation range is 115 degrees, and the horizontal rotation range is 345° which creates a 360° complete coverage anywhere in the house.

The infrared night vision is also available and can record video in the dark. Its two-way audio motion detection works amazingly and can record motion and voice. The camera is also powered by Alexa enable devices and Google Assistant.


Y1 motion-activated spy camera is one of the most popular home security cameras. It protects all videos and considers them directly within the cloud. Thus, users can enjoy high-end security with an easy-to-use interface. All videos are encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud, preventing critical data from being lost or tampered with. It is one of the perfect outdoor home security cameras.


Y1 cameras have a flexible and straightforward storage option. It can records videos and detect motion continuously on local storage. Thus, it also gives assurance of security on Y1 cloud storage. It also supports a micro-SD card of 3 GB that can hold continuous recording for up to 80 hours. Its powered source is corded electric.


Similarly, it is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can last for two weeks in a primary standby mode. However, with all its built-in functions, it can keep recording for a week. Also, it supports wireless communications with a feature of Alexa.

4. Arenti cam

Arenti is one famous company of indoor and outdoor motion surveillance cameras. Also, this spy cam is the best smart home security camera at an affordable price. So, this wireless motion-activated spy camera has remarkable features and characteristics.

Design and Display

These motion-activated spy cameras support WIF and USB drives. It captures the high-quality video of 1080p FHD. Also, it is a home security camera with the dimensions of 3.54x 2.36 x 5.12 inches. The weight of this gadget is 8.2 ounces. Also, it is available in 2 primary colors. Thus, this indoor camera can be mounted on any wall.

Alexa Supported and Motion Alerts

This detection cam is supported with Google Assistant and Alexa enable devices like mics and speakers. Therefore, it provides two-way audio motion & sound detection that users can also have an audio chat with each other. Also, when it senses any change or movement, it sends notifications to its users.

Night Vision

The 1080p/25fbs max resolution gives crystal clear video footages. It also can work at night time and is enhanced with night vision. So, even at night time, it gives clear video and makes it possible to keep an eye on the house every time.


This wireless motion surveillance camera can smartly record any motion and sound in the surrounding area. Initially, it gives free storage for three months without any cost. FAT32 Micro SD cards up to 128GB are more compatible to use.

Automatic Wi-Fi Feature

When the users use the same Wi-Fi at home, the camera automatically turns off. So, when users are at home, the camera will sleep. The camera can be off instantly with one click. It also gives the privacy mode and power-off control.

Battery and Waterproof

The Arenti spy cam is equipped with two rechargeable batteries of 6700mAh. Its battery can last for up to 6 months in its standby mode. Also, this is an outdoor camera as well that can work in rainy weather. Thus, it is IP6 waterproof hidden spy camera for many security purposes.

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5. Wireless video doorbell camera

Another category of best motion activated spy cameras is a Wireless doorbell cam is an excellent gadget to start using smart home devices. When they detect motion, then send a push notification, video recording day and night, two-way audio for communication with a guest at another side of the door. When a neighbour or mail carriers press the doorbell, the user will be ready to tell the difference. There are many wireless video doorbell cameras, but the best is the Ring Video Doorbell.

Resolution and View Angle

The ring video doorbell 2 is the overall best motion-activated spy camera for outdoor. The cam resolution boasts 1080p, a 155° vision field, and the night vision to record in the dark even. It also removes the noise to listen to the audio. The ring app gives a customization option. It’s powered with a flexible power option. Theft protection is also available to secure the camera.

Alexa Supported

It is a Wi-Fi-connected security camera, two-way audio that supports Alexa. Thus, a user can have a two-way chat with other members and friends. The motion detection is better working. It was easy to install than its first generation.

Free Cloud Storage

Ring hidden spy camera provides free cloud storage for the users in the early months that a user can save and share all the recordings as evidence. Also, those recordings can be reviewed and watched later on. It also supports a USB drive.

Motion Activated Night Vision Camera 

The camera night vision mode using an RGBIR sensor, which makes nighttime video clearer, and the camera can capture good quality images from a longer distance. Video doorbell available with two face plates, bright and silver.


This wireless motion surveillance camera supports two 18650 batteries. Those batteries are also removable and rechargeable with a power supply of 4.3V and ABS plastic material. Also, the life of the battery lasts for 14 days in its standby modes.

6. Wans view Wireless Security Camera

Display and Design

Wansview is another motion-activated spy camera that is an adorable indoor security camera. The Wansview HD home camera 1920*1080p, resolution at 15fps, gives excellent performance with the best video and image quality. The footage of the camera is clear and smooth. The innovative camera height is 103cm, width 76cm, weight 186g.

Wi-Fi and Storage

The required Wi-Fi connection is 2.4G. The wireless security camera has a micro-SD card slot for a max of 128GB. Also, remote access is supported via smartphones anywhere. Its cloud storage is optional in the case of a camera being stolen by someone; cloud storage video can help.

View Angle

This motion camera horizontal view is 350-degree(pan) and vertical 76-degree(tilt) with4x digital zoom for complete coverage of surroundings. Its tilt pan allows the camera to zoom in any direction.

Night Vision 

This smart home security camera gives an excellent result at night time, even in the dark, and gives a clear image. Its IR LED night vision is up to 20 feet distance, so the result of the camera is fantastic. It’s also can be used for meeting rooms, pets, shops, nanny monitors. Also, a user can use its digital zoom that has complete coverage.

Alexa and Motion Alerts

This wireless motion surveillance camera supports Alexa-enabled devices. Its two-way audio makes it possible to talk remotely and listen through a smartphone app. The home security camera has a motion alert when enabled; the camera sends an alert to the phone with a 10s alarm video. The user won’t miss anything that happens in the house.


The battery of this type of motion-activated spy camera is lithium-ion that is rechargeable. Thus, it has a USB cable for recharging the battery. Its battery power source is corded electric. Moreover, the charging of this hidden spy cam can last for 14 days in standby mode and 7 days with all its active built-in features.

7.Lilexo Mini

Another best mini hidden motion-activated spy camera is the Lilexo mini. This portable spy camera is very compact and easy to use. The latest version of this motion-activated spy camera has a tiny, discreet video recorder with a magnetic backing. Because of this amazing feature, the user can place this spy camera anywhere he wants or need to keep a watchful eye. It is wireless, and you can also use it without a Wi-Fi connection.

Display and Wide Angle

The 1080p small security camera has an excellent performance with the best quality. It has a clear image with day and night vision. The footage of this wireless motion camera is always crystal clear. It has a 1080p full HD 120° wide-angle lens. The video resolution is 1080p, and its voltage is 5 volts.

Night Vision

This spy camera records in HD in all lighting conditions because it also has night vision led lights. It can records objects clearly with the IR LEDS and 30 feet frame rate even in darkness.

Portable Motion Activated Spy Camera

You can set your camera anywhere, like inside or outside your home, office, in your pocket, car, etc. It is the perfect indoor and outdoor portable convert camera.

Storage and Notifications

It has saving storage space up to 32GB of microSD card. Also, whenever it senses any unwanted or different movements, it captures short clips up to 60 seconds and can store those as well. Thus, a user will be able to watch stored videos even on immediate notifications.


This hidden surveillance camera is equipped with lithium-ion batteries that have a long-life battery and are rechargeable. User can save battery life for the moments he needs it most. Similarly, like some other spy cameras, this micro camera, you can also records while charging without worrying about dead batteries.


Lilexo mini spy camera is also a satisfaction-guaranteed cam. Whenever you choose this motion-activated spy camera, it provides a 1-year warranty.

8.Wansview 1080P

The Wansview motion-activated spy cameras are Wi-Fi IP cameras with 1080p HD resolution. This cam type is the best home surveillance waterproof camera. Similarly, this motion surveillance camera is wireless. This spy camera is available in white and black colours.

Resolution and Display

The Wansview 1080p delivers crystal clear and smooth video day and night time because it is equipped with a 2-megapixel HD lens. It creates a complete 360° coverage with 320° horizontal & 80° vertical rotation range. The Wansview 1080p gives you a clear black/ white picture in pitch dark up to 5 meters for a reason in HD 1080 pixels that it has 4 pcs 940nm IR LEDs with no light pollution.

Waterproof Spy Camera

This motion detection camera is waterproof. It works well under harsh weather, even in the storm and snowy weather. This camera works with Alexa, and it has night vision. The Wansview camera is related to IP66, and the working temperature ranges from 14f to 104f with aluminium alloy.

Alerts and Wi-Fi Supported

This motion detector spy camera works with 2.4G Wi-Fi. So, the user can keep an eye on his home or office or anywhere he wants. The Wansview outdoor surveillance camera has an alert notification. It will capture motion activities real-time notifications will be sent to the phone. So with the help of this feature, you could check what is happening immediately.

Security Cam and Storage

Another best feature of this spy camera is its security and privacy protection. No one can access your information or data without your permission. It has encryption technology for cloud storage that is the highest protection of the data for privacy. While SD cards and cloud storage are optional.

Alexa Supported and Compatibility

This motion detection camera is equipped with Alexa devices that include speakers and mics. Therefore, users can talk to their family members and friends at any time through their cell phones. Thus, it is also compatible with androids and iPhones.

9.Wi-Fi Monitor-Ebitcam 1080P

Another motion detector camera with night vision is the Wi-Fi monitor-Ebitcam camera. It is a home security camera with two-way audio. It also has night vision and remote real-time monitoring.

Wide Angle and Field Rotation

It is a security camera with 355°horizental, and 100°vertical rotation that creates a complete 360° coverage. This best wireless motion camera would protect your baby, pet, elder, and nanny full day due to these best features. The WIFI monitor-Ebitcam 1080p, is the best cam, especially for home safety and baby pet safety.

Alexa Supported and Night Vision

This security camera has Alexa-supported speakers and mics for two-way audio chats with friends and families. It also has the best and clear night vision up to 25 feet and four digital zooms.

Resolution and Noise Cancelling Feature

These motion-activated spy cameras have stunning HD video quality of 1920x1080p face-to-face effects high qualify HD resolutions with 350×100 degree covers every corner of your home. This spy camera has a noise-cancelling feature. So you can easily talk with your family and pet anytime, even when you are outside. Its noise filter technology creates a perfect two-way conversation.

Alarm and Alerts Features

Similarly, like other Motion surveillance cameras, it also has motion detection and alarm function. This camera has real-time monitoring; even in any danger, your home will be identified accurately sent to your phone immediately alarm and start taking photos or recording at the same time.


It has an internal SD card slot for video recording and video alerts that is a max of 128GB. Another unique feature of the WIFI monitor-Ebitcam 1080p camera is that it also has 3-month cloud storage. Hence, it is also compatible with Alexa.

10. Solar Security Camera

The solar security camera is a 100% Wire-Free and Solar Powered camera. It has two power sources, solar-powered and battery-powered. Whenever the sunlight is not available, this camera still gets power from the rechargeable batteries. Due to the solar panel, these batteries have stores excess electrical power generated.

Resolution and Display

The solar security camera has a 1080p HD video resolution. This spy IP camera is best for home security and safety. This wireless motion sensor camera also has a 2-way audio surveillance system.


It has built-in 4Pcs Panasonic 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries. Its lifetime is long up to 4 months with only one full charge. Also, this motion detection spy camera work while charging.

Waterproof Security Camera

Similarly, like other cameras, the solar security camera is waterproof IP65 certified. This Wireless motion camera sends a real-time notification to your phone. Its noise cancellation speaker and microphones allow you to talk with camera scenes fluently, even from another country. Users can easily keep an eye on their property, home, office anywhere all the time.

Storage and Other Features

Due to the advanced optic lens, this solar security camera presents 1920×1080 megapixels stunning frames with a wider viewing angle. It also supports SD cards up to 128 GB, and also has cloud storage options.

11.WEMLB Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

Another one of the best motion-activated spy cameras is WEMLB hidden camera alarm clock. The WEMLB hidden camera is a wireless security camera for home surveillance. It is known as the best spy camera.

Compact and Easy to Install Camera

This hidden camera clock was designed to have in mind a discreet and user-friendly experience. It is a small functional alarm clock that is very compact and elegant. Users can set it easily in any room of their home or office.

Resolution and Connectivity

This hidden spy camera has a wide viewing angle with a WB-726 HD 1080p resolution. It has a crystal and clear image. Another unique feature of this spy camera is easy to pair with any laptop, smartphone, or tablet through a stable WIFI connection.

Wide Angle and Recordings

This small spy camera has an ultra-wide 145-degree viewing angle; due to this, it is reachable to every important corner of your room. It also has an adjustable recording because it allows various recording modes depending on the user’s needs. You can easily set it for loop recording and motion detection.

Night Vision

The WEMLB hidden camera is one of the best motion detector cameras with night vision. This hidden camera is an excellent choice for improving home security with the best night vision feature with 30 feet frame rate.

Storage and Alexa

It also features an SD card support of up to 128GB, with state-of-the-art motion detection technology. Also, it supports Alexa-enabled devices. Thus, a user can have a two-way chat with his loving ones.


To sum up, The Pro Gadgetz have reviewed in detail about best motion activated spy cameras. There is a complete guide for the buyers about the specifications, resolutions, design, and other essential features of every gadget.

Find out the complete details about any product. After reading the reviews, you can also check out the product’s specifications and pricing from the link provided above. Stay connected for a more helpful buyer’s guide.

Furthermore, stay tuned with the latest top featured gadgets in our other posts in the future. Stay safe and shop from home!

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