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This Light Bulb + Speaker Screw Into Any Socket And Stream Music Out Loud From Your Mobile.

Light Bulb and Speaker Screw

More often we hear about the LED that also has dual functionality of speakers. Most of the time people are in search of electronic or digital combos which must be cheaper in price and robust in their performance. So, The Pro Gadgets is now reviewing the top featured GE lighting LED bulb that also works as a speaker for music simultaneously. 

Light Bulb and Speaker Screw
Latest GE LED Bulb and Speaker

Likewise, regarding the LED, its brightness is adjustable. So, you would be able to dim the bulb anytime. At the same time, its wireless speaker will also help you to enjoy your moments by controlling the speaker or bulb remotely. So, before buying any, you must also know about the advanced features. Hence, go through this article thoroughly for a complete guide. 

Design Features

GE Lighting LED is an indoor lighting bulb that has dimensions of 3.75 x 3.75 x 5 inches. Also, it weighs about 1.03 ounces. This LED bulb is quite easy to install onto the wall or on the roof. For a bulb, it requires a proper electric connection. However, in the centre, it is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that needs not be connected through the wire as it works remotely. Moreover, it is perfect for optimal daylight as it supports 65W BR30 LED lights. 

Bluetooth Features and Performance

It is the perfect latest gadget to update your home as it has come up with many Bluetooth features. It also syncs up to a total of 10 bulbs. Thus, it basically requires no wiring. Within the package, there also include separate remotes for both speaker and LED. So, a user can increase or decrease the light to dim or bright. 

Also, you will be able to control the music through its remote. It produces a warm and soft light and is also surrounded by the sound capabilities within the main bulb. So, this LED bulb has a total power output of 65 Watts with an input of 120 Volts also for speaker. 

Qualitative Light and Sound Features

It is a Bluetooth-enabled smart gadget that does not require any additional app to connect to your speakers. What a user will have to do is to connect this bulb speaker to the Bluetooth supported devices. So, this way you can create a perfect atmosphere by matching your mood. 


This light LED and speaker has wide compatibility with Android, iOS, tablets, and laptops. Therefore, a user can connect to this gadget via the Bluetooth of their smartphones or tablets. This way one can play the diversity of the music according to their mood. This is what will make your living experience better but through remote. 

Life and Warranty

Another important and most demanded feature is the life of this LED bulb and speaker. Surprisingly, it has a life extended up to 13 years and 7 months but on a condition of the 3-hour bulb usage. However, it has a warranty of 3 years with all the active features of deep, bass sound and light brightness. 

The package box will include ‎GE LED Speaker Soft White 65W Replacement LED Indoor Floodlight BR30. 

Method To Install GE Lighting LED and Speaker

Similarly, it is quite easy to install this bulb on any wall or bulb ring. It can be hung on the wall, in a lamp, or anywhere. However, the method of its installation is:

Step 1

Insert this LED bulb speaker into any fixture – in a lamp or on a wall/ceiling.

Step 2

Turn this Bluetooth bulb on either through a remote or a switch. 

Step 3

As it has wide compatibility with smartphones and tablets. So, by using those Bluetooth compatible devices search for this LED bulb as a discoverable device. And then pair that. 

Step 4

Upon pairing, the Bluetooth speaker and bulb will start streaming automatically for the connected compatible Bluetooth devices. 

Buyer’s Guide

One’s money and choice are valuable. So, before you buy this gadget technology, what you have to look for may include: 

Light and Sound Quality: So, never compromise on the quality of both sound and light; as this tech is made specifically for these two features. Also, this General Electric lighting Led bulb and speaker equips this feature. 

Bluetooth and Compatibility: The device must also have wide compatibility along with smart Bluetooth and remote features. 

Life: You must not be wronged in your choice, so look for the real warranty and usage life of the devices you buy. This bulb’s life will definitely be up to the expectations of the users. 

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Q: Is it an outdoor bulb?

Ans: As it is just an indoor LED bulb so it is not waterproof to be used on an open roof or in bathrooms. However, if the water or shower does not reach the bulb, that way it can be used for outdoor purposes. 

Q: What is the BR30 bulb?

Ans: Most specifically, BR30 bulbs are those which are unidirectional. Hence, those bulbs emit light just in a single direction. 

Q: How much time does it take to lit the bulb?

Ans: Once you have switched the bulb on, it will take no longer time to lit. However, it can be a second or less than that. 

Q: Does the Bluetooth bulb or remote require any battery?

Ans:  As far as the bulb is concerned, then it will not require any battery. However, the remote will definitely require that. That’s the CR2025 battery. 


The Pro Gadgets brings top-rated and top featured gadgets for technology lovers. So, this LED bulb and speaker is amongst the best ones and is available with soft white colour at a reasonable price. However, there are many other advanced bulbs but they may be more expensive than your budget,

For further details about the specifications, comparison, and price, visit the official website of Amazon. Also, stay tuned with the Pro Gadgets for many upcoming and latest technologies. 

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