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These Latest Home Security Cameras Will Shock You

These Latest Home Security Cameras Will Shock You

Everyone nowadays is conscious about their safety and privacy protection. So, via a home security camera, you would be able to keep an eye on your house or office even if you are not present there physically. So, these smart gadgets help people to monitor what’s going on in their living or workplaces. 

These Latest Home Security Cameras Will Shock You
Home Security Camera

Here, The Pro Gadgets has enlisted the top and latest home security cameras for your homes or workplaces. So, before picking any cam you must look forward to the following features:

  • Design: The camera should be small enough to be ported or could be mounted anywhere.
  • Work with Alexa: The device must also be supported with Alexa so that you could have two-way audio or live video calls with your family or friends. 
  • Night Vision: Also, the home cameras must be a=effienct to work both indoor and outdoor with their night vision. 
  • Motion Detection: One important feature toward which you will look for is the motion detection features that could push the notifications to the user’s phone on sensing unusual movements. 
  • Waterproof: The cameras must be waterproof that work perfectly regardless of any weather condition. 

So the top-featured home security camera that may be up to your expectations are: 

1. Canary Flex

Canary Flex is the best security camera that works both for indoor and outdoor purposes. This home security cam has come up with many premium services. The dimensions of this gadget are 4.35 x 1.9 x 1.9 inches with a weight of 8.5 ounces. It can be mounted onto the wall or can also be placed on any plain surface. Likewise, the main colours in which  Canary Flex is available are white and black.


Canary is a round rectangular-shaped camera that can be used for multi-purposes. You can keep an eye on your child, pet, home, office. It is a wire-free camera that can be placed anywhere because it has 360 degrees magnetic base. Therefore, it is portable and can be ported anywhere even via pocket. Also, it has a power cord that can be connected just for the charging o the device. 

Compatibility and Alexa Supported

This device is compatible with smart devices like smartphones, PCs, tablets, or laptops. Therefore, via the specific cam app, the users can watch everything about the place where it is mounted. It also works over wifi i.e., 2.4GHz up to 5GHz. So, you can guard anything, people, or place 24/7. 

Similarly, it works with Alexa and its related devices. Thus, a user can communicate with his family members or colleagues no matter where he is. It thus is really helpful in controlling voices. Its field vie angle is about 116 degrees.

Image quality and Night Vision

The recorded videos have an HD quality. It thus has wide-angle lenses with auto night vision. Therefore, this cam works best in the night darkness even and captures the things/persons clearly. Also, you would be able to zoom the images or recordings. 

Waterproof and Data Privacy

One of the best features of this latest technology is that it is waterproof. Hence, this home security camera has the same high-quality recording features in the rain as it does inside. So, it really doesn’t care about the weather conditions. The data security is also end-to-end encrypted. So, no third party can look at the recordings. 

Similarly, you would also be able to see the saved recordings of the last 30 days. Or you could also download them as well. It is equipped with a safety button that leads to your personal protection on the go. You can also call the police just by tapping the security button. 

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2. ZUMIMALL Wireless Wi-Fi Camera

Zumimall has many versions of the home security cameras. However, this one is most demanded and wanted due to its wireless and many other premium features. This security cam is easy to use and has an easy installation process within 5 minutes. It is equipped with magnetic bracket screws for easy installation.


It is a wireless and cordless security gadget that works for surveillance purposes both indoor and outdoor. It doesn’t require any wire for its functionality. It’s around a rectangular cam with an accurate and high-quality lens that captures everything clearly. This product has the dimensions of 2.2 x 2.2 x 3.86 inches with a weight of 8.6 ounces. Thus, it can be mounted anywhere with the help of screws and double-sided tapes. 

Image Quality and Compatibility

It has 1080 pixels high definition image quality. Thus, it records the things clearly and sharply that can also be zoomed within that high quality. It has also wide compatibility with smartphones and laptops. Therefore, users can watch live or the recorded recordings anytime and anywhere via the Zumimall app. Also, upon unusual motions, notifications would be forwarded to our phones. 

Alexa Supported and Waterproof

This security technology also supports Alexa and its devices – mics, and speakers. Therefore, the user can have a two-way audio call with the members at a specific place. It has 110 degrees wide-angle view that covers everything in the area. Furthermore, it is IP66 water and weatherproof that can keep working on stormy and rainy days without any interruptions.

Night Vision and Data Storage

Another important feature of this home security camera is that it works efficiently in the night vision even in the dark up to 10 meters. Also, during the nighttime, it also captures the unusual movements and pushes notifications to the connected phone via its app. It also saves the recordings which you can watch later on any time.

Rechargeable Battery Powered

Moreover, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery of 5200mAh. So, you can charge the battery and that one-time charged battery can last up to 2 to 3 months without any difficulty. So, this is the top plus point of the home security cam. 

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3. Ring Indoor Home Security Camera

Another top-featured home security camera is the ring indoor cam that is also equipped with premium features and is available in two colours – white and black. It is compact and lightweight that can be plugged in anywhere and results in the HD quality of the images or recordings. It also supports Alexa and works efficiently.

Compact Design

It is a small but long oval-shaped security camera that can keep an eye on your pes, babies, old people, house, office, lawn, or any place. It has a very sharp lens that captures things in its high-definition version. The dimensions of this home gadget are 1.81 in. x 1.81 in. x 2.95 in with quite a small weight. Also, it has a round base that makes it able to be placed on any plain and smooth surface. 

Video and Audio Quality

It records the videos in 1080 pixels HD form. It watches over your entire home or office with a field view angle of 140 degrees diagonal, 115 degrees horizontal, and 60 degrees vertical. Therefore, nothing can be hidden from this sharp-eyed camera. Also, it supports Alexa enable devices including the mic. Thus, the users can have a two-way talk with each other with a great noise cancellation effect. 

Compatibility and Data Storage

It supports Alexa. Also, it stores the data that it records 24/7. Similarly, if the user wants to see the recording live or in the saved version then he can watch the videos along with the audio. It also enables the person to watch the recording u to the last 60 days with all the perfect quality and zooming features. Also, on any unusual movement, it pushes notifications to the phones via a specific cam app. 

Easy Setup and Installation

This security camera is quite easy to install with very basic setups. It has a round base that enables it to be placed on any surface. What you have to do is just to connect your ring indoor cam with the high-speed wifi and the mobile phone application. 

Moreover, it gets charges just as to plug into any power outlet. So, it works while being connected to the power outlet. Also, it has a one-year limited warranty. 


The Pro Gadgets has enlisted all the top features of a home security camera with detailed specifications and feature reviews. For further information and the prices visit the official website of Amazon. Have a great life with the latest technology and inventions. For further top-featured gadgets, stay tuned with The Pro Gadgets

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